Cantucci "Biscotti Lucerna"

Love at first bite

The original

With the hard bite and slightly sweet aftertaste!

Our Cantuccini "Biscotti Lucerna"

Our Cantuccini, called Biscotti Lucerna, are made by hand in the Lucerne region of Switzerland. We value high quality ingredients and make sure that our pastries are made only from fresh and natural ingredients.

The basic dough of our Biscotti Lucerna consists of only 4 ingredients: Clock spelt flour (Switzerland), 20% almonds from Puglia, sugar (Switzerland) and eggs (from happy free-range Swiss hens). We use only the highest quality ingredients and deliberately avoid additives and preservatives. The result is a crispy and aromatic pastry that goes perfectly with coffee or tea.

Exclusive pastry from a secret recipe

​Our pastries are made according to a secret recipe. We have made it our mission to create an exclusive and unique pastry that cannot be found anywhere else. Our pastries are made in small batches to ensure that each piece is perfect.

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Biscotti Lucerna stands for:

We use only fresh ingredients from sustainable production

4 ingredients

Original recipe from the 18th century

Hard in the bite, slightly sweet in the aftertaste

100% Handmade

Much love and passion for the ancient tradition from Tuscany

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