Martin Zemp & 

Biscotti Lucerna

Our Cantuccini from Biscotti Lucerna: creation, recipe and art in a unique packaging.

Discover the art of Biscotti Lucerna cantuccini, which impress with their creativity, exclusive recipe and unique design. But that's not all: the packaging is also a true work of art.

We deliberately turned away from conventional cantuccini packaging and wanted to create something out of the ordinary. In Lucerne, we found inspiration in the renowned artist Martin Zemp, whose works have always fascinated us. It was a clear decision for us to present a picture by Martin Zemp on our packaging.

Martin Zemp was immediately enthusiastic about the idea and volunteered as Lucerne artist to create a unique painting for the label of Lucerne Biscotti Lucerna.

The combination of two art forms from Lucerne transforms our project into something very special and successful.

We would like to sincerely thank Martin for his distinctive art that makes our packaging unique.

Best regards The Biscotti Lucerna Team

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The label

We proudly present you our unique, creative label, which is a successful fusion of elegance, timelessness and sensual aesthetics. Each label is carefully designed and enhanced with a fascinating image by the renowned artist Martin Zemp from Lucerne.

 With each label we want to express the uniqueness of our products and invite you to a culinary journey. Dive into a world of the senses and discover our creative labels!